how it all started

We are Diana and Silke, the founders of ViVa Fuerteventura. Our collaboration began in the summer of 2022 when we both decided to start something new.

Where do we live and who are we? These were the questions we asked ourselves.

And all of a sudden, we found the formula.

where do we life?  - in fuerteventura

Sun, beaches, sea, waves, wind, good food, mild climate.... In short, a paradise!

who are we?

Diana Morand

Hotel professional

Mother of 2 children


Passionate cook

Organizational skills

Diana Morand

Silke Heiermeyer


Mother of twins


Nature lover

Incorrigible optimist

Silke Heiermeyer

Paradise + Hotel Professional + Architect = Holiday Home Management

And so, the idea for ViVa Fuerteventura was born. Since then, weve been tapping into all of our experience to support you as guests and also as a hosts in this beautiful island.

and let's not forget...

...the great local team of experienced service employees and professionals who are always there when we need them. THANKS!